Please contact us with a brief explanation of your plans.(de)
We will try to reply within 24 hrs (but it may take a little longer at weekends or during peak times).

  • Tell us who you are, your nationalities, country of residence, and if either of you has been married before, and what
    your plans are. Let us know if you just want to keep it simple, or have bigger plans.
  • We will then give you detailed, personalised advice on what you need to do – with a special focus on getting all the
    documentation spot on, and listening to exactly how you would like the wedding
  • Scan and send your documents. We check everything meticulously – and then take it to the registry office in person
    for approval. So you know it is all in order before committing to anything
  • We sort it all out – in as little as two days if all the paperwork is right
  • We advise you on travel, and book or help with accommodation and make all the extra arrangements you might need, from
    flowers, to hairdressing, from vintage cars to photographers Arrive by 1500 the day before the wedding (or 1200
    for a Saturday wedding) – bring your original documents with you.
  • Come to our office in the Old Merchants Court, where Louise or Yuki will check you in, show you the wedding room, and
    help personally with any last minute requests or concerns.
  • The ceremony usually takes place late morning in the Wedding Room, and one of us will be there to make sure it all
    runs smoothly, open the Moet et Chandon, and take extra pictures, or do anything else you need
  • After the ceremony you receive one marriage certificate (in 5 languages) immediately, and we arrange at once for an “apostille”
    on the second one, which you should receive within 2 weeks

You are only required to stay on the island for one night – but once you have seen Aeroskoebing you will probably want to stay longer…

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